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Hifix interiors are one of the best leading and highly reputed interior designers & Manufactures in South India. We introduced the modular kitchen concept in Kerala and have over 20 years of experience in the house of Malabary. We help you personalize interior solutions for you. Everything is tailor made to suit your needs. We offer you an endless variety of features and styles in every aspect; doors, handles, sections, accessories, finishes and textures, custom designed wardrobe and modular kitchens etc. and offering world class quality and long-term support at Hifix Interio. We understand your needs... and implement every little defect to suit your taste and lifestyles. We all want to be in comfortable spaces. That's why we choose to enhance the interiors of our homes and offices. Our team of skilled interior designers create customized 2D and 3D designs to show you how your space will look after the work is done. You can make personalized changes to make it perfect and unique for you. Our team comprises experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to building trust by providing high-quality services and products to our valued clients. With a solid base of over 15,000 satisfied customers across South India, we have gained a reputation for excellence. You can trust in our expertise, and our satisfied customer base makes us highly recommendable. We offer customized products tailored to your preferences, including a wide range of colors and finishes. We utilize high-quality raw materials such as marine plywood, UPVC, multiwood, HDF, acrylic, aluminium, and glass finishes, which are carefully assembled in our own factory using German technology machinery. This ensures that we deliver services and products of exceptional quality with impeccable finishes and stylish designs. Rest assured, our dedicated team of professionals, combined with the efficient use of high-quality machinery, allows us to prioritize timely delivery without compromising the exceptional quality that sets us apart. Trust us to bring your vision to life and provide you with interior solutions that exceed your expectations. We take great pride in being the foremost distributors of plywood, PVC, laminate sheets, hardware, and more. As distributors, we are able to offer competitive prices, ensuring affordability without compromising on the quality of materials. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the products - we provide long-term support to our valued customers. With our comprehensive range of high-quality materials, we are your trusted partner for all your interior design needs. A modular kitchen is a pre-made furniture unit that offers varied options for customization. It is the perfect fusion of lovely design and efficient use of space. The very essence of a modular kitchen lies in its efficiency. By intelligently organizing various cabinet styles, units, and kitchen accessories, it helps you maximize the available storage and free area in your kitchen, allowing you to get the most out of your given space. A modular kitchen is designed to allow you access to every nook and cranny, making it very easy to clean up or repair. It also offers you a wide selection of stain-resistant, water-resistant, and non-porous countertops and surface materials to choose from, which can be wiped down in a jiffy. We introduced the modular kitchen concept in Kerala, so we can help you customize your modular kitchen to your taste and preferences. Living rooms are the heart of every home. A vibrant space can make your living room a wonderful experience. Hifix Interiors can help you create a visually beautiful and functional living room without compromising your ideas. Our custom-made designs of TV units, sofa sets, bookshelves, center tables, living-dining partitions, and prayer units can uplift the overall vibe of the space. Our designers will assist you in choosing the right decor to enhance the mood of your living room. Bedrooms are a gateway to all your dreams. A good night's sleep is essential for individuals who aim to perform at their optimal level. With that in mind, Hifix Interiors has developed bedroom designs that will make your dreams feel lucid. We provide customized bed cots, wardrobes, Side Box and Dressing units that match the color, style, and size you desire. Schedule a visit to the Hifix Interiors showroom and explore a wide variety of our custom-made bedroom designs that suit your needs. With Hifix Interiors, you will have the best place to rest and enter the realm of your dreams. Hifix Interiors provides dining room interior designs that are designed to complement a modular kitchen, enhancing both aesthetic value and functionality. From dining tables to bar counters, our custom designs seamlessly integrate with the style of your modular kitchen. Our wide variety of dining room designs allows you to give your dining room a much-needed makeover without compromising on functionality. Hifix Interiors offers tables, chairs, wash counters, and crockery shelves in matching designs and colors. With exclusive wall designs, lighting, and sleek furniture, the dining room experience will be truly transformative. Decorative units are essential to complete the look of your home and enhance its overall beauty. They add a touch of uniqueness and make your interiors stand out from the rest. Hifix Interiors offers a wide range of choices in designs and materials that perfectly complement the rest of your interior decor. We use premium quality marine ply as the material for our products, which is considered the top-quality material for interior designing in the market. As a result, our products are durable and can withstand even extreme conditions, ensuring they last for a long time. Our work begins as soon as a client books a consultation. Our sales team contacts the customer to understand their requirements. Then, our experienced interior designers visit the site and take necessary measurements. Our 2D and 3D designers carefully note down all the needs and wants of the customers, creating suitable designs with the right shape and size. Once we receive approval from the customers on the drawings, Hifix Interio proceeds to produce and set up their interior space within the specified timeframe, using high-quality products. We prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the process.

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Our team comprises experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to building trust by providing high-quality services and products to our valued clients.

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